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To remain competitive in the online world, you must look for ways to be ahead of your competition. Having an online presence will help you to be a step ahead. When you are getting started, it is acceptable to use shared hosting but as your business grows you have to shift to another hosting platform.

When It Comes To Hosting, There Are Plenty Of Options Available. You Can Go For A Dedicated Server in Germany, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting And Recently Green Hosting. Each Hosting Type Has Its Own Advantages And Disadvantages. A Dedicated Server Is A Physical Server That You Rent From A Provider. You Use It Exclusively For Your Site’s Needs. You Will Not Have To Share Your Server With Other Websites. Why Should You Choose A Dedicated Server And Not Any Other Kind Of Hosting? Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Have A Hosting That Gives You Control Of Your Server.

Greater access Control

When you have a dedicated server, you get root access to the server. With such access, you get more control of the software and hardware of the device. You would not get such access when the server is shared. A dedicated server, thus, allows you to configure the resources and server just like you see fit. You will be more in control of your server.

Better Performance

One of the benefits you get when you buy dedicated server Germany is its superior performance. A dedicated server gives you access to all the capabilities you need to meet your site needs. It is dedicated to your site alone. Thus, you will get better performance and fast applications. You will not have to deal with slow page load times.


A dedicated server is capable of accommodating the needs of a growing business. You get to choose your own server configuration. You can modify the server as your business grows. Thus, you will be more flexible when your business grows. A dedicated server is also a suitable choice when you want more storage, processing, and backup.

Enhanced Security

It is also important to look for the physical security of the hosting platform. The dedicated servers are placed in a secure data center. There are also controlled access points that are meant for on-site personnel only. Such a heightened level of security makes it easier to achieve PCI compliance. You can rest easy knowing that your site security is under control.

Resources Exclusivity

Website exclusivity means your website will have access to all the resources. You will not have to worry about other sites accessing up the available resources. A dedicated server gives you access to all the hardware easily. The activity of others will not affect your bandwidth. You will decide on the scripts and applications that will run on the server.


As your site grows and you get more traffic, you will require more resources and space. With dedicated hosting, you get the additional space you need more easily. You will not have to migrate to a new hosting provider. Dedicated hosting gives you the opportunity to scale up without any problems.

Higher Security

When you use a dedicated server, you will be in control. It means that you will know the software stack. Your data will be much safer when you do not share your server with other sites. Security is especially important when you are running an online business. When you host your site on shared hosting, you risk the security attacks. In case you are on a dedicated server and your site gets attacked it will be easier to figure out the problem and solve it on time.  The physical access of the server is controlled compared to the shared hosting.




Fast Loading 

The performance of your site can be greatly affected when you have poor loading times. You only have about 2.6 seconds to impress your visitors. A visitor to your site will not wait for more than three seconds for your page to load. They will go back and to another site. That is how you will lose a client. The page load time plays a vital role in traffic. When there are many websites sharing one server chances are high that it will make the site load slower. At times, your site may not even load at all. Luckily, there is a way to avoid all these problems. All you have to do is just shift to a dedicated server and you will enjoy faster loading speeds since you are the only one using the server.

Cost Effective

When you are doing long term workloads, you will get value for money by choosing a dedicated server. You will pay less and get more on the dedicated servers. Even though a cloud server may seem like the most affordable option, the dedicated server offers more resources. The dedicated server providers take care of everything from maintaining the server hardware to the network. You will be renting the server, so they will resolve any issue you may encounter. You will get value for your money.





Our Reliability

The dedicated server provides reliability and peak performance. It means that you are less likely to deal with server crashes. Your site can meet the increased demand when you start receiving high traffic to your site. You will also get the bandwidth you need for image and video displays. Even though a dedicated server will cost more than shared hosting, you will no doubt get value for your money. Also, there is someone available in case you encounter any technical problems.






Dedicated IP address!

The other reason why you should opt for a dedicated server hosting is that you will get a dedicated IP address. You will no longer be sharing your IP address with the other users. There will be no need to worry about your IP being blacklisted because of a fault caused by other users. A dedicated IP address is especially important when you have an ecommerce site. When you are using shared hosting, you will be sharing the same IP with criminal or malicious sites. It can make your site ranking go down but you can get rid of that by having your own server.

You have to be prepared when you decide to go for the dedicated server hosting. It will be costly that is for sure. However, you stand to benefit a lot by shifting to a dedicated server. You may need a cheap dedicated server Germany when you use a lot of resources. It gives you plenty of bandwidth that will make it easy to access all the resources you need. Before you choose a given dedicated server host, make sure you do your research. You do not want to spend a lot of money only to get something that is not worth it. Go for reputable companies and make sue to check the review. It is always better to be safe than sorry.



When you choose a dedicated server hosting, you will be free to customize the disk space, CPU, software and RAM. It is unlike shared hosting where you have to work with the resources that are already available on the server.